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This website features a collection of a few of the most memorable teams in the NFL's rich history.  Each webpage features Madden screenshots, results of each regular season and playoff game, stats, rosters, and more. All of the rosters have been generated using www.profootballreference.com and various preseason publications.  Players' ages are the age of each player on December 31st of that calendar year.  

Hall of Fame Defensive End L.C. Greenwood sacks the Raiders' Ken Stabler in the 1975 AFC Championship Game.  That was one of the many classic match-ups between those two franchises in the 1970s.

Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Paul Warfield was the top receiver for the Dolphins during the Super Bowl run from 1971 to 1973.  The Dolphins rebounded from a Super Bowl drubbing at the hands of Dallas to go undefeated and win Super Bowl VII in 1972 and repeat as champs the following season. 

Bears' Outside Linebacker Otis Wilson stops the 49ers' Wendell Tyler in a 1985 contest.  The Bears 1985 defensive unit is still considered by most pro football experts to be the greatest defensive unit ever assembled.  The unit was coordinated by Buddy Ryan and his unit's mastery of the 46 alignment made it seem like there were three or four extra defenders on the field at all times.

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